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Beach Wedding

Beach-Themed Party Inspiration

Beach-Themed Party Inspiration

Nothing beats the sand, surf, and sunshine of the beach. Whether you're planning a lavish bridal shower or gorgeous wedding, the beach theme is the perfect choice. With delicate shades of blue and seashell imagery, your guests will be transported to the coast. Need some inspiration for how to dec...
Picture standing in the soft, warm sand just at the edge of the water. You’re saying your vows in the sunshine, surrounded by all your favorite people. If you love the beach and spend all your time there, why not have an elegant beach wedding? You can’t get much better than that! But, like with any […]

7 Beach Wedding Favors

If church weddings are too stuffy for you, you may want to get married out in the sunshine right by the water. A beach wedding pairs the feeling of a vacation with the romance of a heartfelt ceremony. Whether you’re inviting everyone to a destination wedding or holding the event at a local beach, the sandy, […]
A wedding on a beach is something almost every girl dreams about at one point in her life. The romantic ceremony at sunset, the honeymoon somewhere tropical – your dreams can become reality easier than you’d think! Today we’re sharing inspiration for the beach wedding that you’ve been secretly planning since you were a little girl. […]
Sunshine, sand and a celebration of love and commitment – for many couples this sounds like a dream come true! If you’re dreaming of a beachside wedding, consider this teal and orange tropical wedding with details to die for! A Gorgeous Destination The first step in planning a tropical wedding is choosing your location. Deciding […]
Whether you’re traveling to the tropics or going somewhere local, a beach wedding adds that special something that sets your wedding apart from others. With such a unique wedding, chic decor and favors are a must! Go with beach wedding favors that tie in the theme. Keep reading for a few great ideas! 1. Beachy Welcome […]