5 Ways to Decorate Your Wedding With Driftwood

Whether you’re having a rustic wedding, a beach wedding or an outdoor forest wedding, driftwood is a great way to decorate your affair to add a woodsy and elegant feel. Don’t know what to do with driftwood? Read on for 5 cool ways to decorate your wedding with driftwood.

Image via Rustic Wedding Chic

Use flat pieces of driftwood to make signs. You could write out a menu, direct guests to the ceremony or point out where the dessert table is located.

Image via whimsyantiques of Etsy

Need something romantic to decorate tables? Pairing driftwood with wire lettering is a great way to get your message across.

Image via FlotsamJetsamCrafts of Etsy

If you’ve got big pieces of driftwood, drill holes into the top for tea lights.

Image via Ammoudia of Etsy

Have only little pieces of driftwood? You can still make cool lighting by covering larger candle holders.

Image via DeWanda

An often overlooked place to decorate is the walls. If you’re having an indoor wedding, jazz up your walls with driftwood molded into shapes, like this heart.

How will you decorate your wedding with driftwood?