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Marriage is a really big life choice. In order to get married, all the pieces need to fall into place–finding the one you love and being ready for the commitment. Wondering how you can tell if you’re ready? Read on for our list of 7 reasons why you should get married right now. You both […]

“The Marriage Ref” starts its second season tonight, and it’s already been the cause of at least one divorce. A man is blaming the producer, Jerry Seinfeld, for the demise of his marriage. According to Fox News: Howie Kohlenberg, 47, charged that after getting their 15 minutes of fame bickering on the March 4, 2010, […]


I guess I’m writing this more for women who are expecting a marriage proposal shortly, but brides-to-be should pay attention, too. Did you happen to read the results of the survey conducted by Men’s Health magazine and about marriage proposals? The survey discovered that one in four women hated her proposal. Really? There are […]