Getting Married? Stay Away from Reality Shows!

“The Marriage Ref” starts its second season tonight, and it’s already been the cause of at least one divorce. A man is blaming the producer, Jerry Seinfeld, for the demise of his marriage. According to Fox News:

Howie Kohlenberg, 47, charged that after getting their 15 minutes of fame bickering on the March 4, 2010, premiere episode, his wife, Christine, became so obsessed with becoming a star it busted up their 14-year marriage.

“The headline should read, ‘Jerry Seinfeld ruined my life: the danger of reality shows,’ ” Kohlenberg said.

Not only does the beauty-products salesman claim his sexy 37-year-old wife ditched him and their 4½-year-old son to chase a dream of starring in a “Real Housewives”-style reality show, he also says he went bankrupt and is now facing eviction.




“Jerry, Mr. Billionaire, I blame. And his show,” he said.

Wow! Do you believe someone put a gun to Mr. Kohlenberg’s head and forced him to do the show? Of course not! Apparently, a lot of folks do want their 15 minutes of fame, and they’re not picky about how they get it.
No one, not even the producers of the show, can predict the fallout from a reality show. True, everyone who appears on reality shows can make a nice chunk of change, but now that you know the potential consequences of even a one-time appearance, will the money be worth it?

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