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save money on reception

You often hear of ways that you definitely shouldn’t cut costs on your wedding day–like the photographer–but what about the ways that you could? Today, we’re talking about just five of the many ways you can limit the cost of your wedding day, all without hurting the main event. The guest list. When you’re first […]
We all know that weddings are an expensive affair. The bigger they are, the more you’ll spend. And, even if you have a budget, there are usually unexpected bills that you never planned for. But, if you want to save money, you can always skimp on certain aspects of your wedding. Going DIY with the […]

Okay, you all know that I am heavy in the midst of my own wedding planning, and being the frugal (my fiance would say cheap) person that I am, saving money is VERY important to me. (Thank goodness I write for a wedding favor company. At least, I know I can get those inexpensively :-)) […]