5 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Wedding Day

You often hear of ways that you definitely shouldn’t cut costs on your wedding day–like the photographer–but what about the ways that you could?

Cut Costs on Your Wedding Day

Image via AMWed-0157

Today, we’re talking about just five of the many ways you can limit the cost of your wedding day, all without hurting the main event.

  1. The guest list. When you’re first planning your wedding, your guest list will be pretty small, but once your moms get a hold of the list, it can inflate significantly. The average price per guest for American weddings is over $200 per person, so if you can cut out some of the people you don’t even know, that’d go a long way.
  2. The location. There are very beautiful locations out there that don’t break the bank–you just have to know where to find them. Local parks and national forests are great if you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, for example. And if you know someone who’s in charge of a large venue, don’t be afraid to call in a favor.
  3. The date. Most weddings occur in June and July. That means if you go for that time frame, you’ll be paying peak prices. Save some money by getting married in the off season.
  4. The food. Some brides think that the only way to save on food is to cook it yourself. Not the case! For instance, you could order drop-in catering. This is a buffet-style food situation where you don’t have to pay for a catering staff. Instant savings!
  5. The alcohol. If you want to cut costs, consider skipping a full bar. Instead, offer beer and wine or a signature drink, cutting your costs way down.

How do you plan on saving money for your wedding?