Three Ways To Save On Your Wedding Reception Venue

Okay, you all know that I am heavy in the midst of my own wedding planning, and being the frugal (my fiance would say cheap) person that I am, saving money is VERY important to me.? (Thank goodness I write for a wedding favor company. At least, I know I can get those inexpensively :-))

Let’s face it. Weddings can be expensive. With the reception being the largest portion of our wedding budget, I’m really looking for ways to think outside the box to cut a few dollars off of our bottom line. After looking at dozens of venues for the reception, what I’ve learned is that there are three things that can really influence the bottom line big time–the facility rental fee, the food and all those little extra charges, like for linen, cutting the cake, beverages, etc. Here are a few ways to save on these items:

Membership has its privileges

Consider a country club when looking for an alternative space for your reception. They are nicely decorated and won’t need a lot of additional decor (savings #1), include many of the extra services (i.e. linen, cake-cutting, basic centerpieces, etc.) that would be extra some place else (savings #2) and can oftentimes host the ceremony, as well. Surprisingly, the menu prices are about the same (and less in some cases) than the hotels and other facilities, and you get a beautiful, lush backdrop (via the golf course) to take photos. The fees will vary depending on the club, but if you know someone who is a member you can typically reduce or eliminate the facility rental fee (savings #3) altogether.

Sundays are super!

Most brides envision their wedding on a Saturday evening, which makes this day in demand. But, why pay a premium price for an evening time slot when you can switch to a Sunday and save? If you don’t have many out of town guests who would need to travel on Sunday, this may be a good option for you. Many venues offer discounts on the facility charge for Sunday rentals, up to 50% of their standard weekend rental rate. But, it’s a good idea to finish by 9:00 pm for those who need to get up early for work the next day.

Let’s do lunch

While comparing menus at one particular venue, it amazed me that the exact same chicken dinner was $10 LESS on the lunch menu. TEN DOLLARS! That’s a savings that can really add up when you consider the number of guests on your list. Most places require a daytime wedding to end at 4 or 5:00 pm. However, since they only schedule one event per day at this particular venue, we can still take advantage of the lunch menu provided the meals are served before 4:00 pm. A late lunch will allow the reception to go into the early evening, so we could get the best of both worlds.

Hopefully, you will, too!

Happy Planning from the Bride To Be