Think “Groovy Head” on the Day You Wed!

Actually, it’s “Groovy Heads“, but I wanted the title to rhyme. Either way, this is a pretty cool NEW idea for wedding entertainment. Premiering recently at UK Wedding Shows, “Groovy Heads” is live, interactive video starring your wedding guests. Straight from Andy at A&G Productions (the creators of Groovy Heads, here’s how it works:

Here’s Your “Something New!”

“For anyone not familiar with this form of entertainment, I should probably explain the concept. Groovy Heads provides a live interactive video experience like no other, using green screen technology (the same technique used in Hollywood blockbusters) to take participants’ heads, make them larger than life and superimpose them into a music video. We have themed music videos featuring professional dancers which we superimpose the heads onto, and the effect is something quite hilarious to watch.

The idea is simple, you choose from a popular selection of songs each one with its own themed video, you then take a seat in front of a green screen and simply move to the groove, no talent required, only your head!! Miming is optional if you know the words and you can take part as a solo performer or in a group of up to four people. We create an instant DVD of each participant to take home as a memento. There are three LCD screens set up for participants and guests to view the live performances and we can also playback the last performance as the next guests take their seats.”

Wild Wedding Fun!

You’ve probably seen something similar around Christmas–it’s called “Elf Yourself”, and it’s your head on top of a dancing elf. Here’s a photo to give you an idea…

Better yet, go to and watch the YouTube video. Of course, the wedding backgrounds and music would be different–at least, I hope so. What fabulously unique wedding favors Groovy Heads would make, right? Your guests would pull it out all the time to show their company–especially if you and your groom were right there dancing with them! What will they think of next?