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Retro weddings are a big trend. Dresses, hairstyles and accessories inspired by the 1920s through 1940s transport you and your guests to a time full of endless love and romantic ideals. Whether you’re the bride or a guest, you’ll want to do your makeup to go along with this fun theme. But what if you […]

Vintage wedding dresses always have a place in bridal fashion. Maybe you prefer 1960s vintage fashion over the ball gowns of today. Or perhaps you want to pay homage to your family by donning your mom’s wedding dress down the aisle. While vintage can be a super cute and romantic way to celebrate your wedding […]


Wedding Theme: Soft Vintage

With vintage touches and a pastel palate, this theme is a perfect choice for a DIY wedding. The best way to find vintage pieces? Visit flea markets and go to auctions, and look for mismatched pieces that fit your style. So dainty. Sources: 1. Dress: Alexander McQueen. Found here 2. Photo by Caroline Ghetes Photography 3. […]