How to Rock a Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dresses always have a place in bridal fashion. Maybe you prefer 1960s vintage fashion over the ball gowns of today. Or perhaps you want to pay homage to your family by donning your mom’s wedding dress down the aisle.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Justin Alexander

While vintage can be a super cute and romantic way to celebrate your wedding day, it’s easy to step over the line from fabulous to frightful. Follow these tips to ensure a cringe-free vintage wedding dress.

  1. Don’t forget your silhouette. Just like you would any other wedding dress, you need to choose something that will actually look good with your figure. If you have wide shoulders, don’t reach for a strapless 1930s fringe-laden gown. If you’re heavier around the middle, ditch that old-fashioned empire waist number unless you enjoy getting asked “When are you due?” by your Uncle Ari.
  2. Make sure it fits. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean you can’t get it altered. Raise or lower the hem, take in the waist, let out the bust. Do whatever it takes to make sure that dress fits. Just ask your tailor to keep the essence of the original look while doing all those alterations.
  3. Pick vintage-inspired accessories. Even if your shoes weren’t worn on the dainty feet of a 1940s newlywed doesn’t mean you can’t still tie in that vintage style. Visit retro clothing and accessory boutiques to find shoes, jewelry and little hats that go with the decade of your dress. Need a pop of color? Pick red retro shoes!

Although not a necessary step for vintage wedding bliss, don’t be afraid to go all out for the affair. If you’re donning a vintage dress, convince your fiance to wear a vintage tuxedo (spats, anyone?). The bridesmaids could wear vintage dresses as well! Your wedding will be memorable for sure, tying in the wonder and elegance of decades past.