Tea Time Bridal Shower Inspiration

Tea Time Bridal Shower Inspiration

Tea parties aren't just for kids. As you get together with your best girlfriends to celebrate the upcoming wedding, a tea party theme will create the right atmosphere for a memorable, fun event. Our tea time bridal shower theme comes with everything you'll need to deck out the celebration in style, from the wall decorations to the centerpieces. Check out this tea time aesthetic for some serious inspiration.

1. Tea Time Party Decor Kit

Welcome guests with this tea time party decor kit. It comes with a sign that says, "Welcome! It's time to Par-Tea!" Place it on the gift table or hang it from the front door and put the "Sweet Treats. Enjoy!" sign on the dessert table. The kit also comes with two pre-strung banners that spell out "Par-Tea Time."

2. Teacup Ceramic Bud Vases

Floral centerpieces go perfectly with a tea-inspired bridal shower. If you're going for small flower buds, place them in these whimsical teacup bud vases. The ceramic white with gold accents provides a nice, chic touch to the party decor.

 3. Floral Plates

As you plan the decor for the bridal shower, it's easy to forget about the place settings. Sure, you could go with simple, white plates, but why not use something that keeps up with the tea time aesthetic? These 9-inch and 7-inch floral paper plates provide a gorgeous view at every place setting.

4. Personalized Glass Mugs

Memorable keepsakes are a great way to send your guests home with something that commemorates the bridal shower. Not only will these personalized glass mugs remind everyone of the event, but they'll also make for the perfect cup while you sip on tea. Get your event details printed right across the glass in a cute tea party design.

5. Tea Time Floral Napkins

Round out the place settings with these adorable pink floral napkins. Fold them in an intricate design and place them on each plate. If you have a dessert table, leave a stack so guests can grab a napkin as they graze.

6. Antique Decorative Lanterns

Pretty white decorative lanterns provide a myriad of ways to liven up your centerpieces. Fill them with flowers and have the buds cascade out of the open lantern doors. For lighting, fill them with tea lights or twinkle lights to add an extra touch of twinkle.

7. Teapot Favor Boxes

For you DIY queens, use these teapot-shaped favor boxes as a way to hand out your handmade treats. They work best with smaller treats like candy and macarons. The shape and colors make them fit well into the tea time theme. 

 8. Bridal Shower Game Cards

Don't forget about the party games! This bridal shower game cards set comes with five different party games, including a word scramble and bridal bingo. Each game comes with 30 sheets so it even works for a bigger guest list. Get ready for lots of laughter and smiles all around!

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