The Art of Layering Mascara

When an event calls for dramatic lashes, makeup artists know there’s nothing better than layering mascara to build mega lashes. With the right technique, you can create gorgeous lash looks without needing fake lashes and gloppy lash glue.

Step 1. Invest in a primer.

It might seem frivolous, but, just like primer for your face, a lash primer can really help set the foundation for the mascara you swipe on top of it. To prevent brittle lashes, start with a conditioning primer to keep lashes supple, soft, and protected from hard waxes.

Step 2. Swipe on a volumizing mascara.

To make lashes look longer, swipe on two thin coats of volumizing mascara. Start at the root of your lashes and move the brush back and forth in a zigzag motion to coat every lash. Apply a single coat to bottom lashes (to avoid that spider-y look effect).

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Step 3. Swipe on a curling mascara.

Finally, brush the ends with two coats of curling mascara for added drama and that doll-lash effect. Hold the brush vertical to your lash line and carefully swipe the ends with product.

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