The Best Party-Ready Polishes

Tis the season for holiday parties of all kinds. Be prepared for any occasion with the right party-ready polish. From shimmering sparkles to you-only-better nails, we’ve got you covered for office parties, ugly sweater parties, and everything in between.

For a look that’ll get you noticed:

Deborah Lippman Dance Music Kit, $12 ,

Perfect for any holiday party and straight through New Year’s, this kit will add a little sparkle to any outfit. Pro tip for applying glitter polish: Apply two coats of color polish and allow to dry. Then dab–don’t brush–glitter on. Dip brush in polish and dab it on beginning in the middle of the nail and then on both sides. Brushing glitter on will simply move it around and leave splotches. Dabbing it on gets the most product on your nails.

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For the nail art novice:

Formula X ASAP Real Nail Appliques, $5,

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Perfect for an ugly sweater party, these nail appliques are no muss, no fuss, and they’re super festive. This pack has candy cane and reindeer themes. We’d suggest doing an accent finger with each set for an unexpected twist.

For the minimalist:

Dior Nail Glow, $25,

If you want to keep your natural nails in tip-top shape, this universally-flattering shade enhances without overpowering–it makes the pink look pinker and the white tips of your nails look whiter. Bonus: You can even use it as a base coat for other nail polishes.

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