The Bride’s Secret Weapon: Oil-Absorbing Sheets

There are scenarios you need to prepare for. You probably already have most of them covered, like running out of food at the wedding reception or keeping flip-flops on hand so you’re comfortable while you dance the night away.

Here’s a little known fact about your wedding day: you’re going to get shiny. With all of the stress, running around, and nerves, your foundation and powder will melt away easily. This is especially the case if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

As you can probably guess, shiny skin doesn’t look very good in wedding photos.

Here’s your solution: carry oil-absorbing sheets with you.

Image courtesy of Clean & Clear.

Keep them in your getting-ready bag or have your bridal attendant carry them around for you.

If you ever feel like your face is like an oil slick, rub one of these sheets over your skin. They won’t remove your makeup and they’ll take away the shiny skin. Go with this method since reapplying foundation and powder can irritate your skin and make you look too made-up.

Most beauty brands carry oil-absorbing sheets in their inventory, including e.l.f., Clean & Clear, Sephora and Biore. Choose the brand you’re most comfortable with and you’ll be on your way to shine-free skin.

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Bristow Manor

Then you can enjoy your wedding photos without worrying about the glare shining off of your face!