Purists and traditionalists will stand by their views: brides should always wear their hair up at the wedding.

But what if you love your long, flowing hair? What if you prefer gorgeous Hollywood-style curls?

It’s time to bring this knock-down, drag-out fight to MyWeddingFavors Blog!

Where do you stand? Put it up or leave it down?

Image Courtesy of Wedding Wire and Wynne and Mintz Photography

Do you think we should stick with tradition? Up-dos are the classic wedding style. The pulled-up ringlets and sleek buns hold a veil well and give your big day some class.

Image Courtesy of Wedding Wire and The Allan House

Do you want to rock the down hairstyle? Long locks flowing in the breeze add a sexy elegance and casual appeal that you don’t get from an uptight up-do.

Still not sure where you stand on this debate?

Tips for Choosing the Right Bridal Hairstyle

  • If you have an ultra-traditional wedding and prefer classic looks, put it up.
  • If you like to be cutting-edge and trendy, leave it down.
  • If you have fine, limp hair, put it up.
  • If you look best with your hair down and flowing, leave it down.

And, if all else fails, try both styles in the days before your wedding and take pictures of each. Go with the style you like best!