Spring is here which means weddings are too! Spring is a beautiful, perfect time of year for a wedding. Many of the most gorgeous flowers are coming into bloom around this time and the weather is so nice. Here are some of the best wedding flowers to incorporate into your Spring wedding:

1. Peonies

courtesy kissthegroom.com

Peonies are soft, delicate flowers that embody the essence of love and are the perfect flower for a Spring wedding!

2. Roses

courtesy stylesixty.com

Roses are timeless, classic and exhibit love and beauty in every way!

3. Sweet Peas

courtesy allmyweddingflowers.blogspot.com

Sweet Pea flowers are a light and lovely addition to a Spring Wedding, whether used as a primary flower or complimentary flower in your bouquet!

4. Lilacs

courtesy my-weddingdream.com

Lilacs are sweet-smelling flowers that everyone loves and are a wonderful choice for a Spring Wedding flower!

5. Hydrangeas

courtesy theweddingspecialists.net

Hydrangeas are full blooming flowers that are affordable, beautiful flowers to incorporate into your Spring Wedding!

6. Tulips

courtesy weddinglands.com

Tulips are timeless no matter if your Spring wedding has a modern tone or a rustic, classic theme.

7. Calla Lilies

courtesy theweddingspecialists.net

Calla Lilies are sweet and simple Spring flowers that create a sophisticated floral bouquet for the bride or bridesmaids!