Trend Alert: Latex Wedding Gowns Fit Like A Glove!

And rightly so! Just look at this body-hugging bridal gown from designer Kim West. It’s a feminine, sophisticated look for the fashion-forward bride who wants to make a unique statement on her wedding day or just do something different. Clinging to every curve, latex wedding dresses give brides a svelte look that can’t be achieved with any other “fabric.” It’s a hot, up-and-coming trend in the wedding industry.

And by hot…I do mean hot! Can you imagine what it’s like wearing rubber on a day when you’re already feeling the pressure and the sweat?! It will be like sticking to your grandmothers plastic slip-covered sofa in the dead of July with no air conditioning on! Talk about sticky!

Sweating to the Oldies

No, we’re not talking about Richard Simmons’ videos, but more likely what you’ll be doing on the dance floor in this skintight head-turner. So it makes me wonder, when would be the best time to don this designer original? Since it’s not insulated, I don’t think it will do a good job keeping you warm in the winter time. (You remember those leather seats in your brother’s sports car don’t you?…hot in the summer and cold in the winter.) So that means that summer is out, and so is winter. But if you’re planning a spring or fall wedding, you might stand a chance at getting through the day without overheating.

Instead of checking the weather report for rain at your outdoor wedding, you’ll be checking for cooler temps. According to some of the designers, temperatures that hover around 65 degrees or less are ideal. But the extra consideration might just be worth it when you consider your design choices:

Admittedly, latex is not for everyone, but I can think of at least two reasons why a latex wedding gown might actually be a good idea.

A plus for the honeymoon

A curious woman wonders what all the hoopla was about and wanted to see how the latex dresses would feel next to her skin. She says, “I started to sweat — immediately. And within minutes, I was dying to get out of it.” Now that’s what a new husband likes to hear on the wedding night!

Weight loss aid

With all of this sweating going on, it occured to me that this might be better suited as a weight loss product for brides preparing for their big day. Wearing the gown while doing their normal activities will keep them focused on their wedding-day weight goals and make them feel like a beautiful brides. Helping to sweat off a few extra pounds, it’s the next level sauna suit for brides!

All kidding aside, you have to give it to the designers for the amazing styles of these dresses. They get my vote for most creative way to make rubber dresses elegant and even stunning! Latex is a fun medium to work with. And, we should know because we’ve got a few latex designs of our own. From a whimsical rubber ducky bride and groom to our “Follow Your Heart” luggage tags and Cosmopolitan drink coasters, our unique wedding favors would be a wonderful complement to your latex-laden day.

So, let me know what you think. Do you really see this trend taking off in the near future? Maybe…if they include a day’s supply of talcum powder with every dress!