Unique Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Tables

Creating a warm ambiance is a pretty big deal at a wedding. You want both the ceremony and the reception to feel romantic and lush. Sometimes, harsh overhead lighting will kill that illusion. Instead, use tea light holders and candles to add just the right amount of warm glow to wedding reception tables. We have rounded up some unique lighting ideas you’ll love.

1. Black Lace Candle Holders

Want to add some drama to your dinner tables? These candle holders will instantly add elegance and sophistication to your wedding.

Unique Lighting Ideas: Black Lace

2. Raised Diamond Tea Lights

These raised diamond tea lights are the best of both worlds. They make the posh statement of a candlestick with the fire bling of diamond shaped tea light holders.

Unique Lighting Ideas: Raised Diamonds

3. White Rose Tea Lights

Nothing says “romance” and “love” like roses. Perfectly pretty? white rose tea light holders add just enough light to produce a romantic, soft glow at each wedding reception table. They can even work double duty as part of your floral statement.

Unique Lighting Ideas: White Roses

4. Lighthouse Candle Holders

Set the scene at your vintage-inspired, nautical or outdoor wedding with these magazine-worthy lighthouse candle holders.

Unique Lighting Ideas: Lighthouse

5. Elephant Tea Lights and Place Card Holders

Elephants are considered lucky in many cultures, and these lucky elephant tea light holders also serve as place card holders. Lucky you!

Unique Lighting Ideas: Elephants

6. Water-Activated Diamond Lights

Flower centerpieces are great, but why not make them even more special with added lighting? These water-activated lights are shaped like diamonds and will illuminate all of your gorgeous centerpieces.

Unique Lighting Ideas: Water Lights