Wedding Favor Frames + Polaroid PoGo = Instant Memories!

This may be the coolest, new wedding favor idea in quite a while–and I love it! There’s a new digital camera called the Polaroid PoGo–the next generation of the Polaroid Instamatic, which printed and popped out a photo in seconds. While the Instamatic was a great idea, and very popular, the quality of the photos left something to be desired. Not anymore!

Flash forward to the new Polaroid PoGo! It takes a digital photos and instantly prints out a high-quality, 2″ x 3″ border-free photo. So what does this mean for your wedding favors? Brides, how cool and unique would it be to have someone at your wedding reception snapping photos of you and your newly minted husband with each guest at your wedding, specifically so your guests will have their own personal wedding photo that includes both you and them–and it’s just the right size to fit into a photo frame wedding favor that starts out as a place card holder?

Give New Meaning to “Meaningful Wedding Favors”!

To start, you have the fun of choosing the perfect place card holder/photo frame to complement your theme or color palette. Next, obtain one Polaroid PoGo camera (buy it or borrow it!) and ask a family member or friend with photography skills to accompany you on your tour of guests during the reception. As you go from table to table, take a quick photo with couples, single guests, etc. While you chat with the guest(s), the photo is printed out so you can hand it to them before you move on to the next guest. They get a lasting photo memory, just the right size for the stunning frame that’s currently holding their place card, and you get the credit for being a brilliant bride!

Place Card Holder/Photo Frame Fabulosity!

With the plethora of place card holder/photo frames to pick from, you won’t have a tough time finding one to take your reception-table decor to undreamed-of heights! Here’s a look at some of the exciting possibilities!