Wedding Trend Alert—Green Weddings on Organic Farms!

When it comes to weddings, there’s going green, and then there’s GOING GREEN. Seriously eco-conscious brides and grooms are moving toward making that point in an unmistakable way. They’re going way beyond just the organic food and eco-friendly favors. They’re finding organic farms that will accommodate their wedding ceremony and reception. It sounds like a romantic way to save the earth, doesn’t it?


Organic-farm weddings are not for the faint-of-heart. These farms are often in remote areas with less-than-moderate quarters for family and friends, so be prepared to do what it takes to make your guests as comfortable as possible. The weekend guests at a Mendicino County, CA farm wedding discovered bats in their cabin. You’ll have to be prepared for iffy electricity and plumbing, a runaway chicken or pig (but that’s what makes it different, and fun!) Organic farms vary in their accommodations, so check out a few to see what they offer.


Maybe. Maybe not. These venues, like Harland’s Creek Farm in North Carolina, are for people who love the outdoors, have a close connection with the land, a deep concern for the planet and are willing to be somewhat flexible. You’ll decorate with seasonal flowers from their gardens, picnic, and party in the shade of venerable trees and feast on food fresh from a certified organic farm.

Meat dishes are available at many farms, but that would be your call. Each dish will be prepared with freshly picked produce and fresh-cut herbs—hearty vegetable soups, crisp salads, amazing vegetable casseroles, just-baked bread. Makes your mouth water simply thinking about it.

ecofavorbags.jpg twigcandle.jpg Clearly, GOING GREEN to the extreme means that eco-friendly options are selected for every aspect of your wedding, and My Wedding Favors has you covered when it comes to green guest appreciation. Send them home with meaningful, Personalized, Eco-Friendly Wildflower Wedding Favor Bags (left,) which come in several colors and personalization designs to match any decor. A rustic favorite that would go perfectly with the ambiance of a farm is the “Earth and Light” Twig Votive (right.) Believe me, your family and friends will get the message, and you’ll leave for your honeymoon knowing you made a difference in your children’s future.