Wedding Welcome Bags They Can’t Wait To Open!

I’m from the south and have had the pleasure of growing up with lots of Southern hospitality. Speaking as you pass someone on the street or when entering an elevator (whether you know the person or not), cars pulling over to the side of the road as a funeral procession passes by and, of course, laying out a spread of food for guests to enjoy were commonplace occurrences while I was growing up. Unfortunately, some of those niceties have faded over the years, but one thing that still remains is the “good food” welcome. People are always ready to oblige you with great food and a cool drink. No matter if they are welcoming you to their home or to a hotel, the sentiment is the same.

Out-of-town guests attending a wedding these days can almost be assured that there will be some sort of welcome basket or bag of goodies waiting for their arrival. Usually, a combination of food and mementos for the wedding, the wonderful thing about gift bags is that they can be customized for your city with souvenirs, for specific dietary needs or for your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a great impression!

bottled-water.jpgOkay. We all agree that welcome bags and baskets are a great idea, but what do you put in them? And what type of container is best? Well, has the answer to both of those questions. Small, ready-to-eat snacks and trinkets are the best items to include, especially if they are personalized for the wedding or event. Take these personalized bottles of water, for example. They are an excellent way to quench the guest’s thirst as well as provide a remembrance for the day.

tictacs.jpgAnother great item to include is a pack of personalized Tic Tacs! The instantly recognizable breath mints will quickly be tossed into a purse or backpack for on-the-go refreshment. Or if you don’t want to personalize your mints, you can always go with the “Mint To Be” tins of mints with a bride and groom motif. They’re really cute because they have heart-shaped mints inside!

hershey-bar.jpgOf course, everyone knows that the universal word for welcome is “Chocolate!” What would a welcome bag be without this classic favorite? Having a personalized Hershey chocolate bar in the welcome bag is always a sweet touch. The same is true for wedding cameras. Great for impromptu photos, your family and friends will enjoy capturing those “embarrassing moments” as well as the times when everyone is just having fun. You might be surprised as some of the images that develop. Place a camera in the welcome bag or on the table at the reception. Rest assured that your guests will jump at the chance to be your “official photographer!”

canvas-tote-bag.jpgwelcome-bags.jpgAs far as the type of container you choose, look for something that is easy for you to assemble and will travel well. Gift bags like these can be tucked into a suitcase after all the items are enjoyed. And what’s even better is that the bag can be personalized and customized to your theme. Talk about getting your money’s worth! For your bridesmaids or other special guests, you can provide a nice roomy canvas tote bag filled with snacks and wedding favors. It’s especially nice for a beach-themed wedding.

No matter which type of bag you decide to use, choosing items from our wide selection of favors and gifts will create a bag your guests can’t wait to open!