Weirdest Wedding Trend Ever—Divorce Fairs!

Oh, those wacky Europeans! I don’t know if it’s their droll sense of humor or their entrepreneurial spirit, but the diametrically opposed version of the Bridal Fair—the Divorce Fair—is taking place in cities all over their continent, where more than 800,000 marriages end each year. Can you imagine the overall mood at one of these things? Even fair organizer Anton Barz, who held his first Divorce Fair in Vienna, Austria in 2007, admits they “need a lot of handkerchiefs there.”


Well, it’s not wedding favor ideas and gorgeous gowns—I can tell you that! No, behind the tables filled with brochures and other marketing materials are lawyers, counsellors, private investigators, life coaches, DNA testing agencies, makeover specialists and non-profit services to provide guidance inexpensively or free of charge. They also offer workshops by relationship experts. Oh, and you can expect to be assailed by a number of journalists wanting to know why you would attend a Divorce Fair, if you’re finding it helpful and, of course, how you’re feeling at this gut-wrenching moment in your life. But you’ll be happy to know that Divorce Fairs are non-profit events that are “intended to educate and inform.” The organizers say attendance has not been spectacular (except for the journalists) so far, but the numbers are steadily growing.


I’m celebrating my 25th anniversary this Saturday, Valentine’s Day, so I won’t be needing a Divorce Fair anytime soon, but if I ever came face to face with divorce, I’d probably consider attending a Divorce Fair. I think a lot of people, women in particular, get a bad deal in a divorce because they’re too upset to find out how to protect themselves and move forward. What would you do?


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