What’s a Bride Thinking…

…as she walks down the aisle? No, this isn’t a caption contest, although if it were, my submission for the photo on the left would be “Poor Dad. Wait until he sees the bill for this shindig. Fortunately, when he does, I’ll be lying on a beach in Cancun, sipping a margarita and deciding which sexy lingerie to wear that night.”

Why Am I Asking?

I ask because, although I’m married, I didn’t have a traditional wedding, so I’ve never walked down an aisle. My husband and I went to beautiful Savannah, GA for three days and got married by a blind judge. No aisle. No bridesmaids or groomsmen. No MOB, FOB, MOG or FOG. No reception. No first dance. Literally, no one saw us get married. And I have absolutely no regrets.

So I’m curious about what brides are thinking as they walk down the aisle. Are they wondering if they’re marrying the right guy? Are they thinking about the wedding night? Are they taking a quick audit to make sure they didn’t forget anything? Are they wishing they hadn’t bought those trendy—but too tight—bridal shoes? Are they hoping crazy Aunt Phyllis can stay sober for just one night? Are they dying to get the ceremony over with so they can scarf down food at the reception, because they haven’t eaten in days to make sure they fit into their elegant wedding gown? Or are they simply in a post-wedding planning daze, too tired to think of anything at all?

Looking for Your Answers!

I’m sure it’s different for every bride, and I’d love to know what you were thinking as you took those final steps as a single woman. I’d be asking grooms what they were thinking as they watched their brides walk toward them, but I suspect very few men subscribe to this blog. So brides, please add a comment and let me know what was on your mind during the most exciting 30-second walk of your life! If I get several responses, I’ll reveal them in a future post. (I promise not to use last names!) Once again, I’ll ask, “What were you thinking?” And I mean that in the nicest way possible!