What The Groom REALLY Wants For Getting Hitched!

There are practical gift registries, and then there are those that aren’t.

Often times, the bride determines what gifts show up on the registry for the wedding. But what if the groom could have his pick of the gifts? Would he still choose that blender? Recently, a popular men’s website posed the question and came up with a list of “15 Awesomely Stupid Wedding Gifts For Guys Taking The Plunge.” And it’s a hoot! High on the list is this silverware storage board, appealing to the “Super Hero” in the groom who always wished he could be an expert fork thrower or bend them with his telepathic powers. To say the least, this pre-slotted wall tile is a very unique way to store your silverware. Who says guys can’t be creative! Check out these other list-toppers:

  • Bacon Of The Month: From maple to jalapeno, there’s nothing like having a new artisan slab o’ bacon delivered to your front door every month!
  • Microbrewery Kit: Everything you need to fill that frosty mug with a cold wet one made right in your own kitchen or garage!
  • Honeymoon To Vegas: A different twist on the registry altogether, wedding guests can sign up online to make donations toward your dream honeymoon in Vegas or any other place you choose. Make it a destination wedding and get two gifts in one!
  • The Margarator: A blender on steroids, this is the original Margarita smoothie processor! It makes a gallon of tequila smoothie. So get your margarita glass and start pouring.
  • Insta-Kitchen: Why bother registering for china, cookware and flatware when you can get the Insta-Kitchen instead? It’s a combination cooking, cabinet and counter unit that has everything–including the kitchen sink! Just add water and plug it in. I guess this would be great for tight spaces or for the groom who wants to still feel like a bachelor.

While I doubt that any of these items would really make it to the wedding day list, it does make me sympathize with the groom a little, when you think of all the registry gifts that might not appeal to him.

So I must encourage you to think of the groom when purchasing that wedding gift. Be sure it’s something they both will enjoy and appreciate, like this set of elegant and useful personalized glasses or this stunning silver photo cube.