What Women in Wales Want in a Man

I just found an interesting article from a news agency in Wales that surveys women about what they’re looking for in a man. Clearly they’re not that different from American women, or most women for that matter. Here are some of the stats:

76% of women had their hearts broken at least once.

The three best things about being in a relationship are security, companionship and affection.

65% of the women think they’re the ones who make the most effort in the relationship.

37% have been brought flowers by their man.

63% have had a one-night stand.

34% want a church wedding, with only 6% imagining something like eloping to Las Vegas or taking a hot air balloon to paradise. (If they do decide to elope to Vegas or have their wedding there, they’ll be thrilled to know that Las Vegas wedding favors have come a long way! They’re functional and fun!) The others prefer a hotel, a castle or a destination wedding.

Ideal Names

Here’s what I found really fun about this survey. It provides a list of 1) the ideal man’s name, 2) the ideal man’s job, 3) the top pet names for him and for her. I know you’re dying to see what they are, so here goes:

The ideal man’s name (for women in Wales, of course) is James, followed by Daniel (Dan,) Ben, Matt, Mark, Chris, Jack, David, Josh and John. How many of these women wind up with a Percy or a Dexter is unknown…

His job, if he knows what’s good for him, is either fireman, footballer (that’s a soccer player,) lawyer, doctor, actor, TV producer, banker, vet, accountant or teacher (and clearly, teachers must be much better paid in Wales than they are in the states.)

Pet names for him (and here’s where the fun really begins!)–baby or babe, honeybun, tiger, sexy bum, deaf ears (don’t ask me, I don’t get it either,) misery guts (see the previous comment,) sausage, snuggle pops, hot rod and dimples.

And she would like to have him call her–princess, baby or babe, angel, boo, honey bunny, doll, sexy bum, snuggles, peaches or munchkin. I wonder why “deaf ears” and “misery guts” didn’t make it into this top 10. But it’s no surprise to me that “princess” is the number-one pet name. Even here, we like to think of ourselves as princesses. We plan fairy-tale weddings when we ride up to a magnificent castle in a beautiful coach to marry our Prince Charming.

I’d love to hear from my American girls. What’s his name, ladies, and what does he do for a living? More important, what do you want to call each other? (If “misery guts” makes the top 10, I’ll eat my computer.