When You Can’t “Lego” of Childhood Fun!

I certainly can’t, and I hope I never do! I can’t think of a more delightful way to remind family and friends at your wedding that being adults with responsibilities doesn’t mean your inner child can’t come out to play from time to time. Apparently, Lego, the toy-building brick company, thinks so, too. They’ve just launched what they’re calling “table decoration”, but I think it would be a cute cake-topper—a bride-and-groom Lego kit! What a meaningful way to start building a future together!

Then I began to wonder what other childhood icons might make their way to a whimsical, childhood-inspired wedding, and here’s what I found! Play-Doh has a heart, and this unique wedding favor is filled with fabulous, flexible fun!

I have to confess—if I ever found a heart-shaped favor filled with Play-Doh sitting next to my place setting, I would probably spend more time messing around with the Play-Doh than dancing and schmoozing with the other guests. In fact, I probably would ask the other guests at the table to pool their dough with mine to make something really spectacular!

Block Party!

Here’s another cake topper that will take everyone waaaaaaaay back to their early childhood. What a great wedding theme for childhood sweethearts, right? Imagine the fun you could have making reception-table centerpieces from baby blocks, Play-Doh, Tinker Toys, Slinkies, and all the other small stuff you once played with!


Piecing Together a Whimsical Wedding Favor!

How’s this for a clever favor? Since you won’t have your wedding photos until after the wedding, you can have one of your engagement photos turned into a puzzle. Put the pieces in a favor box, organza bag or some other favor designed to hold something. You can even get personalized puzzles to use for saving the date or your wedding invitation!



Men Love Monkeys!

So do I, but many men seem to have an affection for monkeys that goes far beyond the zoo. Let’s face it, most wedding favors (exception: edible favors) are designed to impress the female of the species (ours). Here’s a key chain wedding favor that the guys at the wedding will play with all night long. Remember Monkeys in a Barrel? Here’s the wedding-favor size. It’s just plain fun, and there’s nothing better than hot monkey love, is there?













Remember—You’re never too old to have a happy childhood!