Who Should You Invite To Your Bridal Shower? Here’s How To Fill Out The Guest List

You’ve been tasked with planning the most epic bridal shower that anyone has ever seen. That’s a lot of pressure, for sure, but you can handle it.

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In addition to planning out the theme, the food and party games, you also have to flesh out the bridal shower guest list. Who should get invited? After all, you don’t want to offend anyone. If you follow these tips, you should have the best guest list possible.

1. Remember the Bridal Party

Anyone who’s going to be working the wedding should come to the bridal shower. This includes not only the bridesmaids, but also any female ushers she may have.

2. Invite Her Close Friends

Close friends are the most important guests. It won’t feel like a party unless the bride is surrounded by her favorite people. Ask the bride for a list to make sure you don’t forget anyone.

3. Don’t Forget Family

Unlike the bachelorette party, family is a must for the bridal shower. Invite moms, grandmas, sisters and aunts from both the bride’s and groom’s families.

4. Keep It Local

Out-of-town wedding guests aren’t expecting an invitation to the bridal shower, so don’t send one on principle. It may look like you’re guilt-tripping for gifts if you do.

5. Be Selective About Work Friends

You may be tempted to invite all the ladies from the bride’s office, but hold off. Only invite a work person if she’s the bride’s actual real friend, and not just someone she talks to while on the job. And if inviting only one or two could cause tension at the office, skip work friends altogether.

6. Only Invite Wedding Guests

Make sure anyone you invite is also invited to the wedding. Nothing stings more than getting an invite for the bridal shower but being forgotten on the big day.

7. Be Selective

You may feel an urge to invite every female wedding guest, but that’s more trouble than it’s worth. After all, every added guest will inflate how much you have to spend on the shower. Bridal showers are known for being selective, so as long as you invite all the VIPs from the points above, you’ll avoid offending anyone.

What other tips do you have? Sound off in the comments!