Willie Wonka’s Wedding Dream!

If you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth like Willie Wonka (or Charlie and The Chocolate Factory for you youngins), this is THE wedding theme for you! This couple surrounded themselves with so many sweet treats, you might get a toothache just by looking at the pictures! From the bouquets to the arch – and even her wedding dress – everything was candy inspired.

Swirling lollipops and a gumball arch are a beautiful beginning to this wonderfully sweet wedding. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisel towards this? Michelle Rosen and David Zornitsky of New York had their ceremony at a candy bar. But, you can create a similar sweet backdrop by having your wedding in a fun place like a children’s museum or candy store.

While you might not be able to have your wedding gown designed by Project Runway like Michelle did, you and your lovely ladies can definitely wear brightly colored dresses and carry oversized lollipops down the aisle for a sweet touch. You might even be able to track down candy-themed bow ties for the gentlemen! Kit Kats, Snickers and Gummy Bears, oh my! Everybody can wear their favorite.

To end the celebration, a candy bar is a must. Guests can choose death by chocolate or indulge in some other heavenly delight until their heart’s content. And if that’s not enough, they can fill mini canisters with candies, like gumdrops, lemon heads or M&Ms, and carry some home as personalized wedding favors. These bubble gum dispensers are also a fun reminder of the day!