Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts

Nothing beats sipping on a glass of wine with your favorite gal pals. Ladies night is sacred. It’s where you forge deeper connections with the women you intend to have for a lifetime. As you get closer to your wedding date, you’re likely thinking about how to treat your go-to gals after they’ve helped and supported you throughout your wedding journey. If wine is a way to unwind with your ladies, then wine themed bridesmaid gifts are a great way to show your appreciation while adding a personal touch.

1. Personalized Wine Decanters

Your bridesmaids will be decanting their wine in style with these beautiful glass decanters. The glass is hand-blown and features a delicate curved neck. Personalize each decanter with the initial of each bridesmaid.

Wine Decanters | Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

2. Sets of Personalized Wine Glasses

You can never have too many wine glasses! By giving a set of four hand-blown wine glasses to each bridesmaid, they’ll have sophisticated stemware they can use at home when they host get-togethers. These can be personalized with the bridesmaids’ initials.

Wine Glasses | Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

3. Wine Tasting Flights

There are those who love a very specific type of wine, and then there are connoisseurs who prefer to try new things. If your bridesmaids fall under the latter category, get them wine tasting flights. A set comes with a bamboo and slate board along with four personalized tasting glasses.

Wine Flight | Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

4. Wooden Wine Chests

If your bridesmaids throw a lot of dinner parties or other wine-centered events, get them wooden wine chests. This way, they have a stylish way to keep several bottles of wine and champagne cool. Personalize the it with the bridesmaid’s first name, family name or initial along the front of the chest.

Wine Chest | Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

5. Slate Coasters

Coasters are a must! These fun slate coasters have names of your favorite types of wine, perfect for a wine connoisseur. They come in sets of four.

Coasters | Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors

6. Acacia and Slate Charcuterie Board

What goes perfectly with wine? Charcuterie! In addition to a bottle of wine, give each bridesmaid an acacia and slate charcuterie board. This way, they can pair wines with tasty bits of cheese, cured meats and olives. Yum!

Charcuterie Board | Wine Themed Bridesmaid Gifts | My Wedding Favors