Would $400,000 Glasses Make Champagne Taste Better?

I don’t think so! But after reading about these opulent, ostentatious, outrageous (can’t think of another “O” word other than “Oh My God!”) champagne glasses, I can definitely say that these goblets would definitely have to do something pretty spectacular to make me want to shell out that kind of dough.

But, I guess for that one special billionaire out there, these are the perfect choice. Weighing in at a hefty $400,000.00, these glasses have been named “The Most Expensive Champagne Glasses” in the world. It took fine jewelry designer John Calleija three months to create this masterpiece of 1700 white and pink diamonds. Chiseled from 8kg blocks of crystal, each glass stands 15cm tall, weighs 250g, and together are encrusted with 15 carats of white diamonds and six carats of rare argyle pink diamonds. Wow!

These glasses are impressive to say the least! But even if I had almost a half million dollars just lying around, I think I could come up with something a little more substantial to do with the money. What would you do? Have a mad shopping spree? Save the money? Invest? Or throw a simply spectacular wedding? If you decide to do the latter, why not choose a pair of modest yet stunning champagne glasses like these for your wedding toast? The unique thing about these trendy glasses is that they reside in a magnificent, tapered crystal vase that can be filled with ice, rose petals, crystals or other small items to coordinate with your wedding decor. With all the money you’d save, you could splurge on a REALLY nice wedding dress and some killer shoes!

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