You Won’t Believe What People Are Asking?!

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, some super smart person thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of the top searches on (they’re a HUGE site where you can ask about anything of the web community and get a barrage of answers in seconds.) Seems like a good way to see what’s on the hearts and minds of people these days.

Intrigued by the list, I thought there would be questions about statistics and inquiries for all sorts of research. Maybe there’d even be a question or two about how to fix something or prepare a dish. Scrolling my way to number one on the list, I saw all sorts of great questions, strange searches and some basic stuff. I could hardly wait to see what number one would be.

Is this what people really want to know?!

When I finally reached the top of the list, I was surprised and shocked that “this” was the number one question on the minds of millions of internet users this year. Okay, here goes… Drum roll, please! The most asked question on this year is:

“What time is it?”

If you’re gonna search, search for this!

What?! The shock! The horror! Is that the question that is burning on the fingertips of those surfing the net? It boggles the mind why anyone (let alone millions of people) would actually take the time to type that question into the search field instead of just looking at the clock that’s conveniently located in the bottom right corner of the computer screen. Thanks to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bling and a myriad of other search engines, that’s a question that NEVER needs to be asked. Wow! Like I said…it boggles the mind.

Seems to me that if you’re going to spend time typing something into the search field, it should be for something worthwhile–like wedding favors! With February 14th right around the corner, there’s sure to be a lot of weddings on the horizon. A quick search for Valentine wedding favors would yield some results like this:

love coastersKeep everyone talking with these fun conversation hearts. A Valentine classic, these have been updated with sayings for your wedding, like Kiss The Bride and I Wed Thee. Very cute!

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