Your New Bridal Shower Theme: Geometric Floral

With abstract geometric print and floral designs, our Geometric Floral theme is not only trendy but has a beautiful aesthetic that will have all the guests excited to celebrate the bride, remembering the shower for years to come. Prepare your bride for a gorgeous send-off before the big day!
Your New Bridal Shower Theme: Geometric Floral

Your new bridal shower theme, Geometric Floral, is bound to stun everyone! with abstract geometric print and floral designs, this theme is not only trendy but has a beautiful aesthetic that will have all the guests excited to celebrate the bride, remembering the shower for years to come, and taking pictures of each decor piece and party favor. You can't miss with pretty floral flare and mesmerizing geometric patterns— we have all the right items to make sure this theme is well executed, beautifully hand-crafted, and prepared so your bridal shower will go off without a hitch!

Sash It Out with Class!

This geometric floral bachelorette satin sash set includes six sleek, stylish sashes for the bride and five bridesmaids to adorn throughout the bridal shower. Perfect as picture props or decor for the bridal party if they choose to head out, this set is decorated with a watercolor floral pattern, metallic gold embellishments, and gold foil calligraphy.

Flirty, Floral, & Royal!

Delicious desserts can be served on these geometric floral 9 in. paper plates to compliment the theme. Along with gold cutlery to bring out the metallic gold details on the disposable plates, these are perfect additions that will catch the guest's eyes as they savor delectables. This regal and royal look will make even grabbing a plate a special touch— consistent with the theme, down to the last detail. Take everyone's breath away with this flirty and floral theme!

Chic, Even Down to the Napkins!

Geometric floral napkins, both chic and trendy, add a classy look to the spread while being functional! Each napkin is detailed with a watercolor floral design and bold gold geometric leafing; with the geometric floral plates and party decor, these napkins will show the thoughtfulness put into this bridal shower— every detail thoroughly matching. 

Say Goodbye With Love!

Delicately designed, the geometric floral gift bag is the ultimate goodbye gift bag; embellished with watercolor art, gold foil geometric lines, calligraphy lettering that say, "with love," and a blue-green ombre that adorn the sides, these bags will be kept forever by guests. Show your love by sending everyone off with a special party favor, special memories, and in a stunning gift bag to boot. The epitome of elegance will be all any of the guests talk about for the rest of time!

Celebrate in Style!

This geometric floral card box can be used for either a gift box or a guest sign in box and an elegant, sweet way for guests to shower the bride with well wishes. Decorated with a mint green ombre wash, watercolor floral features, and gold foil details, it is a safe and secure place to keep any gifts or notes of value. A lovely party favor item for the bride to look back and remember her amazing bridal shower.

Leap into the Next Chapter with Advice and Wishes!

Floral wedding advice cards are the perfect bridal shower activity; shaped in sweet hearts, guests can give the bride marital advice and well wishes as she gets ready to celebrate her big day. Made out of cardstock and a bordered with floral prints, these cards hold countless amounts of love and happiness for the bride and groom to look back on as they start the next chapter of their lives!