10 Ideas for a Outdoor Winter Wedding

Just because the winter months have rolled around doesn’t mean you can’t host an outdoor wedding – a snowy wedding wonderland may be even more beautiful than a June wedding under the budding trees. Today we’re sharing 10 ideas for an outdoor winter wedding that is sure to be magical.

Ready for the Cold

With an outdoor winter wedding comes the certainty of a touch of cold, so make sure you and your guests are prepared for a chill in the air. Keep the ceremony short and provide your guests with all they need to enjoy your nuptials.

When choosing a gown, search for one with beautiful long sleeves. Not only will you look stunning while wearing it, it’ll keep you warm and will be a timeless gown that will look gorgeous in photos – especially the ones taken in the snow.

Make sure your guests stay warm as well. At each place, leave a blanket for your friends and family to cuddle up with. Line your benches with cushions or flannel blankets for comfort and they’ll be cozy all through your vows.

Once your ceremony is over, it doesn’t mean that all activities have to move inside. Set up warming stations outside – like a bonfire complete with a s’mores making bar and fireplace mantle with a small fire warming the area. Your guests will stay nice and toasty as they celebrate with you on your big day.

Great Greenery

A winter wedding isn’t complete without greenery – pine and spruce and popular this time of year, embrace them in your wedding design.

Create a gorgeous ceremony backdrop with different sized pine trees. Small trees are perfect when staggered and grouped together to create a beautiful setting for your vows.

Incorporate greenery into your bouquets and centerpieces as well. Greenery tends to be a little less expensive than fresh florals, so using them in your wedding design will not only be cost-effective, it will be beautiful as well.

An outdoor winter wedding wouldn’t be the same without some greenery wreaths! Instead of using fresh pine, switch it up by using seeded or silver dollar eucalyptus. Add a few wax flowers here and there and you have a gorgeous floral piece to hang at your wedding.

Sweet Signage

Complete your wedding design with some sweet signage for your outdoor winter wedding. Whether you decide on chalkboard signage or wooden signs, incorporating them will direct your guests and add some fun visual interest to your day.

Host a hot cocoa bar with some fun signage listing the different flavors your guests can choose from. Adorn your wreaths with sweet banners with ‘Happily Ever After’ or your name or monogram. And label each area of your wedding day with a handmade sign, your extra thought and attention to detail will make your guests enjoy your day even more.

An outdoor winter wedding would be a beautiful way to celebrate your love with the ones you love.

Outdoor Winter Wedding | 10 Ideas for a Outdoor Winter Wedding | Kate Aspen

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