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  • Decorating a Winter Farmhouse Wedding

    The temperatures are getting chillier, providing the perfect weather for cuddling up to those you love. This makes winter the perfect season for a romantic and awe-inspiring wedding. Stuck for ideas on how to make your big day extra special? We’ve compiled our favorite ideas for decorating a winter farmhouse wedding you’ll never forget. View Post
  • If you’re planning a winter wedding and have just started choosing foods for the reception, skip the traditional appetizers you can get any time of the year. Instead, go for savory treats that are perfect for the winter season. Winter reception appetizers feature ingredients that are the freshest in the winter, so they go great […] View Post
  • The snow sparkles as it clings to empty tree limbs, the scent of pine tree lingers in the air, and the ground is covered in a white blanket of snow. Winter already has a magical and romantic quality to it, so why not have a white winter themed wedding? What really makes this style of […] View Post