Decorating a Winter Farmhouse Wedding

Decorating a Winter Farmhouse Wedding

The temperatures are getting chillier, providing the perfect weather for cuddling up to those you love. This makes winter the perfect season for a romantic and awe-inspiring wedding. Couple the rustic chic aesthetic with the snowy outdoor weather, and you get a recipe for a great winter farmhouse wedding. Stuck for ideas on how to make your big day extra special? We’ve compiled our favorite ideas for decorating a winter farmhouse wedding you’ll never forget.

1. Embracing Natural Wood

A farmhouse or barn setting features natural wood that works perfectly for a rustic chic wedding. Lean into the aesthetic by introducing wood accents into your decor. From raw wood chairs to wooden planters for floral centerpieces, these additions will tie the whole theme together.

Winter Farmhouse Wedding: Natural Wood

Emily Delamater Photography

2. Blankets Abound

Of course, winter weddings can be chilly. Even if the farmhouse is well-heated, cold air may blast in every time a new guest enters the building. Hand out blankets to guests to keep them warm. Use blankets as decor items by draping them on chairs and other inviting surfaces.

Winter Farmhouse Wedding: Blankets

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3. Rustic Wood Place Card Holders

Have a seating arrangement for your farmhouse wedding? Guide your guests to their places with these rustic wood place card holders. They even double as picture holders for a nice party favor at the end of the night.

Winter Farmhouse Wedding: Place Card Holders

4. Distressed Lantern Centerpieces

Warm lighting is a must. The romantic glow will help guests feel warm and cozy despite the chilly air outside the farmhouse. These distressed lanterns match the rustic aesthetic you’ve been hoping for and will look great at the center of each reception table.

Winter Farmhouse Wedding: Lanterns

5. Wintry Wedding Flowers

A winter wedding means you can display floral arrangements impossible for a traditional summer wedding. Fill out your bouquet and centerpieces with Winter Jasmine, Calendulas, and English primrose. Mix in pine branches and cones for an extra lush, wintery touch.

Winter Farmhouse Wedding: Winter Flowers

Olivia Strohm Photography

6. Rustic Wood Cake Topper

You can even bring a rustic touch to your wedding cake. Stick one of these “Mr. and Mrs.” cake toppers on top of your cake. The rustic wood makes it fit right in with your winter farmhouse theme. It looks especially elegant with a “naked” wedding cake featuring a thin layer of buttercream frosting.

Winter Farmhouse Wedding: Cake Topper