Seasonal Favorites: 5 Winter Wedding Bouquets

Just because you’re having a winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to leave the fresh flowers behind. There are plenty of options that bloom their best in the colder months. Whether it’s roses, tulips, gardenias or amaryllis, winter flowers not only look great, but they also won’t break your budget!

If you are dead-set on getting out-of-season flowers for your winter wedding, you’ll be paying a pretty penny for them! Fortunately, these winter wedding bouquets will help change your mind if you’re still on the fence.

1. Snowy White Winter Bouquet

Although you might be tempted to choose a rich shade for your wedding color, like burgundy, all white is a chic trend for winter nuptials. This bouquet uses white, frosted or silvery items that create a magical flower arrangement. It features anemones, eucalyptus, Vendela roses and cymbidium orchids among other things. It even features juniper sprigs to tie it to the season. And the white theme goes well with these snowflake favor boxes.

Winter Wedding Bouquets: White Winter


2. Winter Berry Bouquet

A splash of red makes this bouquet stand out amidst the sea of white. You could use winterberries, holly berries or cranberries. If blue is your wedding color of choice, go for juniper berries instead. A little bit goes a long way with these. Pepper them in among the white roses or baby’s breath.

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Winter Berry

Sarah Sidwell Photography

3. Succulents and Roses Bouquet

Want something both different and trendy for your winter wedding bouquet? Succulents are a perfect choice. The rich, thick leaves give a unique look to the bouquet. You can bet you’re going to get a ton of compliments throughout the reception. Best of all, they won’t be wilted by the end of the night. You can transplant them into some sandy, aerated soil the next day to keep your wedding bouquet succulents for years to come.

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Succulents

Amber Sue Photography and Design

4. Pine Cone Bouquet

If you want to get really creative, you could skip the roses and mums entirely and go for a pine cone bouquet. Surround pine cones with sprays of baby’s breath to match your white wedding dress. This bouquet is also a good DIY option if you want to save money on your wedding. So cute!

Going for a pine cone theme? Check out these winter-scented pine cones that you can place around the ceremony and reception.

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Pine Cones

Etsy / SeasonalBounty

5. Color Explosion Bouquet

Can’t get enough color? Winter is the perfect season to go wild with color in your bouquets and flower arrangements. This bouquet explodes with hues of red, purple, blue, green and violet. It uses anemones, magnolia, orchids, thistle and more.

Winter Wedding Bouquets: Colorful

Ryan Ray Photography