6 Ways to Make Your Winter Wedding Extra Special

Having a winter wedding? If you chose the snowy months for your nuptials, you’re already on track for a special wedding. Why not take it a step further and really deck your event out with style, class and a bit of magic.

1. Stick With Winter Scents

It isn’t just the twinkly lights and sparkly snow that makes people think of winter. It’s also the signature scents! Leave these scented pine cones around the reception for both a visual and scented reminder of the season. They come in Cinnamon Spice, Cranberry Spice and Forest Pine.

Winter Wedding: Scented Pine Cones

2. Embrace the Sparkle

Nothing beats the sparkle of fresh snow. Taking inspiration from that glimmering powder, infuse sparkle into your wedding decor. You could use these DIY sparkle branches on each table, or even go with twinkle lights to brighten up the place.

Winter Wedding: Sparkle Branches

Happily Ever Borrowed

3. Create Cozy Lighting

Baby, it’s cold outside. Not only should your wedding feel warm, but it should look like it, too. Create cozy lighting with a crackling fire or lanterns. Use warm-toned bulbs rather than the harsh light of cool-toned bulbs. This also makes for some great wedding photo lighting.

Winter Wedding: Cozy Lighting

Wedding Forward

4. Sprinkle in Some Snowflakes

When it comes to winter, snowflakes are essential. And while we definitely support incorporating them into your wedding decor, it’s important to be strategic. Too many and it can feel juvenile, so skip the classic paper cutouts. For instance, these silver snowflake place card holders are subtle and chic.

Winter Wedding: Snowflakes

5. Keep Guests Warm

If your winter wedding has an outdoor component, your guests are going to get cold. Even if the ceremony and reception are both indoors, the chill can still creep in. A few strategically placed baskets of blankets will make you your guests’ hero.

Winter Wedding: Blanket Basket

Villa Siena

6. Celebrate in Style

When it’s time to make a toast, keep your glassware classy. The little silver polka dots look like falling snow on this stemless champagne glass. You could even give them as a parting gift for guests as they leave.

Winter Wedding: Champagne Glass