6 New Year’s Eve Wedding Decorations

New Year’s Eve is all about the party. Killer music, bottomless drinks and sparkly decorations can take even the most boring party to the next level. No wonder you want a New Year’s Eve wedding! We’ve got you covered for some seriously cool decorations for your big day.

1. Cover the Ceiling in Balloons

You might feel compelled to cover the floor in balloons or have them fall from the ceiling. But while it may be a good plan in theory those balloons can become a hazard on the dance floor. A ceiling of balloons gives the party feeling without getting in the way.

New Year's Eve Wedding: Balloons

Zio and Sons

2. Set Out Hats and Noise Makers

Though this is a wedding, it’s also a New Year’s Eve party. Your friends will want to celebrate once the ball drops, so give them the means to do so! You can leave hats and noise makers on every reception table or have a designated space at the entrance to the room.

New Year's Eve Wedding: Hats and Noise Makers

Rachael Foster Photography

3. Name the Tables in Style

Gold is the go-to color for New Year’s Eve, and it also happens to make an amazing wedding color. Fancy gold frames can mark each table if you have assigned seating. You could even use them to mark the gift table or guest book table.

New Year's Eve Wedding: Gold Frames

4. It’s All About the Lighting

Weddings are about romance. So warm, subtle lighting is key. These sparkly gold votive candle holders will tie the theme together and put every table in the mood.

New Year's Eve Wedding: Candle Holders

5. Put Clocks on Every Table

Everyone will be watching the clock. Make it easier for them to know what time it is by placing clocks on every table.

New Year's Eve Wedding: Clocks

Jeremie Barlow Photography

6. Make Drinks Special

Some stemless wine glasses act as both special glassware and a good take-home party favor for guests. Best of all, these don’t say the year so guests can take them out for every future New Year’s Eve shindig.

New Year's Eve Wedding: Glasses