6 Yummy Cake Pops and Brownie Bites

Are you someone who wants to make sure your guests get up to dance and socialize with each other? Pick food they can carry with them! Rather than a messy piece of cake, you should consider cake pops or brownie bites instead. Whether its for an engagement party, bridal shower or wedding reception, these yummy confections will be a hit.

1. Japanese Garden Brownie Bites

Swirls, vines and cherry blossoms make these brownie bites a pretty option for a garden party. You can pick either milk or dark chocolate for the brownie coating.

Cake Pops and Brownie Bites: Japanese Garden

2. Monogram Chocolate Cake Pops

Get these cake pops personalized with your initials. Pick the ribbon color that best goes with your wedding or engagement party’s theme.

Cake Pops and Brownie Bites: Monogram

3. Swirly Brownie Bites

Good news: You can get these swirly brownie bites with a background of either white or dark chocolate. Pro tip: Choose both and your picky guests will thank you.

Cake Pops and Brownie Bites: Swirly

4. Elegant Blue Brownie Bites

Is “something blue” your bridal shower theme? The soft blue and pretty white pearls make these brownie bites an elegant choice for a handheld dessert.

Cake Pops and Brownie Bites

5. Wedding Cake Pops

Now you can have cake pops and wedding cakes at the same time! These come in five flavors and over a dozen designs.

Cake Pops and Brownie Bites: Wedding Cake

6. Bride and Groom Brownie Bites

Or you could have brownie bites that represent the couple. A tuxedo for the groom and white lace for the bride.

Cake Pops and Brownie Bites: Bride and Groom