10 Ideas for a Rose Gold Wedding Shower

Step into any trendy store and you’re bound to see something rose gold – it’s everywhere right now! From jewelry and accessories to home decor, the rose gold trend is here and it’s spilling into every aspect of our lives. If you’re loving the rose gold trend and want to incorporate it into your wedding parties and big day, you’re in luck! There is inspiration everywhere. Today we’re sharing 10 ideas for a rose gold wedding shower – you’re bound to love these details!

Choosing a Venue

Choosing a venue for a wedding shower can be a bit tricky. While some are hosted at the home of the bride-to-be, the maid of honor or at the parents of the bride’s home, others are hosted at a different venue entirely. If you’re looking for a venue other than someone’s home, this rose gold wedding shower is perfect for a light and airy space. A restaurant with lots of light and lofty ceilings, a chic museum or a cute bed and breakfast would be lovely options for this shower theme. But rest assured – you can pull off this rose gold theme whatever the venue.

Tabletop Decor for a Rose Gold Wedding Shower

The tablescape for a rose gold wedding shower is sure to be sweet and stunning! Each table you decorate can be a little bit different from the last, and in addition to decorating the tables where guests will sit, you can add some sparkly rose gold to the gift, food and drink tables as well.

Start with a simple table covering – a white or blush tablecloth would work perfectly here. Then start layering in rose gold accents! Add a sparkly table runner down the center of a few of the tables. Next up – flowers! Stick with pink and white hues for this shower theme, they’ll match your tablescape perfectly. Once the flowers are in place, fill in the empty spots with small rose gold tealight holders or other cute metallic pieces to tie the table decor all together.

Pretty Printables

Downloadable printables and signs have been almost the best thing to ever happen to party planning. With a design to match just about any theme and a style that is sure to match the look you’re pulling together, it’s likely there is a printable to match your theme. If you’re looking for some cute signs for this rose gold wedding shower, search for a design that has delicate calligraphy and a rose gold tone – the printed piece won’t actually be metallic but if the colors match, you’ll be all set! Find some fun printables for your gift table, food table and for your favors – they’ll create a cohesive look throughout the space.

A Parting Gift

Favors are always a fun thing to plan when it comes to showers and parties – what can you give the guests as a thank you for helping celebrate your big day? The options are endless.

There are a few go-to ideas when it comes to choosing favor gifts. You can have it match the theme of the shower – in the case of a rose gold wedding shower you could send each guest home with a cute, rose gold bottle stopper with a heart on top. You can also have the favors be one of the bride’s favorites – like a mini bottle of her favorite champagne or bubble bath because she loves to relax in the tub. As long as you make it match the theme or the bride’s personal taste, your guests will be sure to enjoy their little parting gift!

This rose gold wedding shower theme is perfect for spring or summer. With the availability of rose gold products should be an easy party to find inspiration and decor for. The bride-to-be will love all of the detail and thought you put into the day, and she’ll feel showered with love at this rose gold shower.

MWF Rose Gold Wedding Shower Inspiration

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