10 Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be Your Bridesmaids

You’ve been proposed to, you have that engagement ring on your finger and, in addition to riding out the glow of being a new fiance, you have one important thing to do. Before you start planning your wedding, you need to pick out your bridesmaids. Your group should include your best friends and closest family members. Whether you’re sisters by blood or by shared life experience, these women will be the cream of the crop.

Ask your friends to be your bridesmaids

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Since they’ll be helping throughout the planning process, ask your friends to be your bridesmaids as soon as possible. Then they can provide helpful commentary and moral support as you try on dresses, taste wedding cakes and watch the demo videos of way too many photographers and DJs.

Not sure how to ask them? Read on for fun ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. After all, this is a very special role they’re going to take on!

1. Pop the Question Over Brunch

You like surprising people with fantastic news. Why not combine the engagement news and bridesmaid proposal? Take your potential bridal party out to brunch, then, when there’s a lull in conversation. Ask them to be your bridesmaids. The combined shock of the question and the news of the engagement will create a memorable event.

2. Make Friendship Bracelets

Are you asking women that you’ve been friends with since you were kids? Friendship bracelets are an amazing flashback to summers at camp or sleepovers at each other’s houses. You’re never too old for a handcrafted friendship bracelet!

3. Use a Bridesmaid Kit

As you get older, friends move away and spread out over the country or the world. It’s harder to do one big announcement when none of you can get together in one place. In that case, send each of your girls a bridesmaid kit. This one contains a heart frame, magnets a mug and sunglasses, all in a pink box that asks, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

4. Send a Beautiful Card

Want something a bit simpler? Send a fun bridesmaid card. There are plenty of funny cards in most greeting card shops. If you’re crafty, you could even make your own.

5. Put it in a Fortune Cookie

Did you know you can make your own fortune cookies? Instead of finding cryptic messages inside, fill each with a piece of paper that asks the lady to be your bridesmaid. What a fun surprise!

6. Make a Special Toast

Before you make your toast, hand out these special stemless wine glasses that say “Will you be my bridesmaid?” They’ll love it.

7. Give Matching Gifts

Hand out gift bags to your girls and ask them to open them at the same time. Inside, they’ll find matching gifts, whether they’re pink spa robes, sunglasses or luggage tags. When they ask why they all got the same thing, pop the question.

8. Solve the Puzzle

Do your friends love games? Get them each one of these personalized jigsaw puzzles. As the pieces fall into place, the image asks them if they’ll be a bridesmaid.

9. Have a Movie Night

Asks the girls over for a movie marathon and play only wedding or bridesmaid-related movies like 27 Dresses and Bridesmaids. It could be a fun game of your own to see how long it takes them to figure out why you chose those movies.

10. Enlist the Whisper Challenge

Have you seen the whisper challenge on YouTube? One person puts on headphones while the other person whispers a message. The one donning headphones has to guess what they said based on reading their lips. This has already been employed to for baby announcements, so why not for asking your friends to be bridesmaids? Take a video so you can always watch the hilarious reaction.