11 Ideas for a Minimalist Wedding

For the bride and groom who has a clean and simple style, today we’re sharing some lovely ideas for a minimalist wedding with lots of clean lines and black and white details.

A Black and White Palette for a Minimalist Wedding

Minimalism means using the fewest and simplest items to create maximum effect, which is what this wedding theme strives to accomplish. And the color palette to go perfectly with that – black and white.

As classic as a wedding palette can get, a black and white wedding is both simple and clean. The void of color adds more importance to the actual details of the day – like the dress, the table settings and the cake. And when you keep a simple color palette the decisions are easier to make – the fewer the options the easier it is to decide on things.

Don’t be mistaken though – this black and white minimalist wedding would be anything but boring! This clean palette brings out the best details of the day.

Simple Greens

To keep a clean and simple color palette, the floral for the day needs to be simple as well. A fresh bouquet of eucalyptus is gorgeous for the bride to carry down the aisle, and centerpieces of green fern or palm stems are understated yet gorgeous when set up down the center of the table in clear glass bottles.

You can also incorporate greenery into your ceremony backdrop, your place settings or your cake. A sprig of green here and there is the perfect way to add just a little bit of something extra to this minimalist wedding.

Clean Lines

The thing that makes this simple theme so beautiful are the clean lines that can be found in just about every aspect of the day.

Start with the stationery. Use modern fonts and clean lines to separate the blocks of information. White cotton card-stock with black ink and crisp black envelopes are the perfect way to invite guests to your big day.

Once the guests arrive, greet them with gorgeous black trimmed glass candle holders that lead them to the seating chart display – which is clean and simple as well. And when they find their seat, greet them with a vellum menu with a clean and simple font informing them of their dinner options.

Clean lines, crisp details and soft greenery make this minimalist wedding nothing short of stunning. Though simple, the details create a lasting impact that guests will remember for years to come.

MWF Minimalist Wedding

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