2011 Wedding Trends: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tent!

Wedding venues with high ceilings just got a big boost. This just in from The Wedding Salon’s November event in NYC—next year, a wedding should actually be the three-ring circus everyone jokes about. Seriously. Look for a line of bridesmaid gifts that include big clown shoes and bulbous red noses.

Sez Who?

Some of the top names in the industry, like Sylvia Weinstock and Colin Cowie, got together with 3,000 brides to announce the trends for 2011. My favorite? Over-the-top forms of entertainment and visual displays. They say brides will “look for that out-of-the-box element to surprise their guests…like aerial performers dancing from the ceiling above the dance floor or walking chandeliers that greet guests on sky-high stilts.”

Clearly, we’re moving into the era of one-upsmanship in a major way. Too bad these mind-boggling, big-bucks weddings don’t guarantee a lifelong marriage. But I digress.

I Wood. Wood You?

The experts say brides will opt out of linen for their tables in favor of letting “the beauty of the natural wood” shine through. This goes with the earthy tones predicted to overtake tabletop decor. Table displays are growing in size, too—the bigger the better. Apparently, brides will “look to pop art and massive structures and sculptures” for decor. For the event, wedding designer David Beahm created a larger-than-life wooden cage-like centerpiece dripping with all-white orchids, roses and peonies to show that wooden structures will be used in new ways in the coming year.

So there you go. Better book your local trapeze artists ASAP.