Mirror Mirror Off The Wall

Of course, you’d expect to see a mirror hanging on the wall adding charm or even functionality to a room (perfect for quick make-up and hairdo checks!) But, when it comes to a wedding, you don’t have to just have them hanging around. With just the right amount of creativity, they can be displayed all over the place, bringing a touch of glamour everywhere you put them. Especially with the holidays just around the corner, if you’re planning a silver and gold wedding or even a holiday theme for Christmas and New Year, these creative ways to use mirrors might just inspire you.


Using a mirror as the basis for your wedding centerpiece is an inexpensive yet elegant way to dress up your tables. Scatter a few crystals across the surface and add a few votive candles for a minimalist look or place a full candelabra or floral arrangement on top for a bigger presentation. Either way, you’ll love how the mirror “reflects” your personal style.

Wedding Favors

These heart-shaped magnets are practical and unique. Whether it’s used to hold notes on the refrigerator or a photo to your file cabinet at the office, your guests will find all sorts of uses for magnet wedding favors. A heartfelt memento of your special day, they will think of you each time they see themselves in it. If you want to incorporate mirrors into the celebrations prior to the wedding, handy compacts are also a unique bridal shower favor that your favorite girls will truly appreciate.

Guest Book

You can literally create your own “reflections” by using a mirror as your guest book. Select a mirror that is beautifully framed and provide a permanent marker for guests to write their well wishes all over the surface. It takes writing on a photo mat to the next level–and gives you a unique conversation piece for your home. Most times, guests books–and the sweet sentiments they hold–are tucked away and rarely seen after the wedding. But, with this create guest book idea, they can be displayed in your home so that you’ll always be surrounded by the love you felt on your wedding day.

Showing off the unique items in the room, this framed mirror has a to-do list written on it, but wouldn’t it be cool to have wedding wishes instead?