Bridesmaids Gifts—The Next Generation

As a bride-to-be, what’s your motivation for choosing a particular bridesmaids gift? Do you want to impress your attendants with your outstanding taste? Do you want to be sure it’s something they’ll use and treasure? Do you want to give them a reminder of this very special time in your relationship? Does every bridesmaid have to love it? Do you do it because you’re expected to?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re a typical bride. If you’d like to cut from the herd, give your girls a gift that impresses, gets used, is treasured and loved by all of them, becomes an everyday reminder of the special time in your relationship—and shows off your twenty-first century smarts—follow me to Digital Frame HQ for a cool key chain that does it all!

Their digital photo key chains come in a variety of trending colors, and they’ll hold 60 images, including some from your wedding, so they can always be reminded of that special time! It will also hold plenty of their favorite personal photos, too. What I like about this bridesmaids gift idea is that it’s so different from the typical jewelry, tote bags and cosmetic bags brides often go for.

It’s the most clever, compact way I’ve seen to carry a lot of photos wherever you go! Get a different color for each of your bridesmaids for a picture-perfect gift!