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alternative guest books

Once your wedding day arrives, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it flies by. Before you can even sit down and get a chance to take a deep breath, people will be stacking chairs as the reception winds down. But it is your special day! So you definitely don’t want to forget anything.In addition to utilizing […]

Years after your wedding, you can reminisce about all the fun at the reception while looking through your guest book. You’ll see names of people you’d long forgotten or funny messages from friends you really need to make a lunch date with. While the guest book is a classic reception element, you don’t need to […]


Mirror Mirror Off The Wall

Of course, you’d expect to see a mirror hanging on the wall adding charm or even functionality to a room (perfect for quick make-up and hairdo checks!) But, when it comes to a wedding, you don’t have to just have them hanging around. With just the right amount of creativity, they can be displayed all […]