Fun and Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Guest Book

Years after your wedding, you can reminisce about all the fun at the reception while looking through your guest book. You’ll see the names of people you’d long forgotten or funny messages from friends you really need to make a lunch date with.

The Personalized Guest Book Frame from MyWeddingFavors

While the guest book is a classic reception element, you don’t need to use the stodgy sign-your-name-here book that’s been seen at weddings for decades. If you’re the type to do things a little differently for your wedding, check out these non-conventional ways to log the guests at your reception.

  1. Set up a guest book frame. Instead of an actual book, have guests leave a message on the matte of a frame, like MyWeddingFavors’ Personalized Guest Book Frame. This is especially good for a small, intimate wedding. You can hang it on your wall and admire it for years to come.
  2. Combine the guest book with the photo booth. Photo booths are all the rage at weddings these days. Rather than a plain, boring guest book, require your guests to add their photo booth pictures to their guest book message. You could also do it with Polaroids. The hilarity of the photos adds another level of awesome to the book.
  3. Have a guest drawing book instead. Rather than a written message or a plain ol’ signature, have your guests draw in your guest book. This is a great idea if you’re an artistic couple with a lot of creative friends.
  4. Set up a haiku guest book. Just like the drawing book, this is a good one for a literary or poetic couple. Explain the 5-7-5 syllable structure of a haiku at the front of the book and encourage guests to get creative with their poetic responses.
  5. Have them sign a piece of furniture. If you’re pairing your wedding with a move to a new house, purchase a nice wood bench or chair and have your guests sign all over it with permanent markers. You can keep it on your porch or in your backyard for a reminder of your new exciting life changes.

What other fun guest book ideas can you come up with?