7 Wedding Guest Books for Every Style

Once your wedding day arrives, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it flies by. Before you can even sit down and get a chance to take a deep breath, people will be stacking chairs as the reception winds down.

But it is your special day! So you definitely don’t want to forget anything.In addition to utilizing a top-notch wedding photographer, a guest book is a touching keepsake of your big day. Not only will you know of who danced the night away, but you might also get some funny, heart-warming and memorable well-wishes.

But what guest book do you choose? It all depends on your wedding style. We’ve got some great ideas for wedding guest books you’ll kill for.

1. Lacy Vintage Guest Book

Having a vintage-inspired wedding? This lacy guest book will match your antique wedding dress. You can even get a matching ring pillow and flower girl basket to tie everything together.

Wedding Guest Books: Lacy Vintage

2. Keepsake Wooden Guest Cards

Whether you’re having a rustic outdoor wedding or you just want to try something unique, wooden guests cards are a must. Have guests write their names and a message on the wood tags, which come in fancy or heart shapes, and place them in the keepsake box.

Wedding Guest Books: Wooden Tags

3. Classic Traditional Guest Book

Sometimes you want something traditional and classic. In that case, pick up a simple, white guest book. This one has the traditional signature pages you know and love along with a metal cover and crown design.

Wedding Guest Books: Traditional

4. Cherry Blossom Guest Book

Love Asian culture or having a cherry blossom wedding theme? Then this guest book will fit right in. The cherry blossom branches along the cover add just enough color to offer a pretty design.

Wedding Guest Books: Cherry Blossoms

5. Chic Black Guest Book

Night weddings and black tie affairs are the perfect occasions for this black wedding guest book. The sleek design is stylish and understated, just like the couple.

Wedding Guest Books: Black

6. Desert Camo Guest Book

Having an army, outdoor or hunting-inspired wedding? Pick up this desert camo guest book. It comes with a matching pen set and can accommodate 430 names.

Wedding Guest Books: Desert Camo

7. Guest Signature Wall Art

Afraid a guest book will just gather dust in a box somewhere for the next few decades? If you’re not the type to treasure the book, stick with wall art instead. Have guests sign right on the wall art. Encourage inspiring messages so you get pumped every time you see it on the wall.

Wedding Guest Books: Wall Art

Which of these wedding guest books will you choose?