4 Floral Trends to Add to Your Fall Wedding

4 Floral Trends to Add to Your Fall Wedding

Have you ever looked back at previous generations' wedding photos and marveled at the floral arrangements? While it's obvious that trends in dresses and wedding cakes have changed over the years, you might not realize just how timely the flowers can be. Rather than sticking with a stodgy, old-fashioned design for your fall wedding flowers, try these modern floral trends. From the bridal bouquet to the reception tables, these trends will make your fall wedding flowers a success.

1. Monochrome Color Palettes

Sure, you could choose a variety of colorful flowers, but perhaps you'd like something chic and modern instead. A monochrome color palette turns your boring bouquet into something special. Choose a color that fits your fall wedding theme, like burgundy or blood orange.

Monochrome Bouquet

Ross Kyker Photography

2. Dried Bouquets

While summer flowers are reliable when planning a wedding, an autumn with unseasonable weather could affect your floral plans. Skip the worry with dried bouquets. Dried flowers go well with the surrounding dried leaves of autumn and add a unique addition to a reception centerpiece.

Dried Bouquets

Wildfolk Studio

3. Hanging Floral Arrangements

A new trend for reception flowers is hanging floral arrangements. Hang your celosia and asters from the ceiling above reception tables or as a centerpiece over the dance floor. Make it extra special by incorporating twinkle lights or Edison bulbs.

Hanging Flowers

Lara Rose

4. Sculptural Designs

Of course, you'll be adding bouquets to tables, but you're not just limited to that. Create structural floral designs for something truly unique. Leave them at key spots at your wedding, like the end of the aisle or as a frame for a reception photo booth.

Structural Flowers

Katrina Bartlam