5 Bridesmaid Gifts for Jewelry-Lovers

As you go through the laborious task of planning your wedding you’re going to be leaning on your bridesmaids at every turn. They’ll help you pick out your invitations, “ooh and ahh” at your dress and plan your bridal shower and bachelorette party. These girls will be taking on a ton of responsibilities over the coming months. So as a way of saying thank you for their hard work, it’s customary (and also just super sweet) to give each of the bridesmaids a gift. Don’t worry: You don’t have to get them each something different.

But how do you choose a good one? Bridesmaid gifts should be something that all the women will like, whether it’s useful, handy or just plain pretty. What if your bridesmaids love to accessorize with jewelry? If that’s the case, we have some gift ideas they’re sure to love.

1. Personalized Charm Bracelets

Of course, if your bridesmaids love jewelry, you could always get them each a bracelet. This one comes with a personalized charm. Get one for each bridesmaid with their first initial on the heart.

Bridesmaid Gifts: Charm Bracelet

2. “Hello Gorgeous” Makeup and Jewelry Bag

Sure, this “Hello Gorgeous” bag is meant for makeup, but she could also use it to carry a few of her favorite pieces of jewelry on your wedding day. The ring motif is a nice touch on this bag as well. Even after the bachelorette party and wedding, this bag will come in handy.

Bridesmaid Gifts: Makeup Bag

3. Personalize Gold Foil Compact

She might need a way to see herself as she puts on her favorite diamond earrings. Give her a compact and she’ll have a way to do it in style. This one can be personalized any way you wish. Commemorate your bachelorette party with gold foil lettering like in the picture below.

Bridesmaid Gifts: Compact

4. Kisses Trinket Dish

This is something she can keep on her dresser, plonking down her earrings or rings on the dish after a long day. The gold and white can go with a slew of interior decorating styles, so no matter what your bridesmaids will be in love with this gift.

Bridesmaid Gifts: Trinket Dish

5. Monogram Trinket Dish

Not into the cute sayings? You could get personalized trinket dishes instead. Each one is monogrammed with the bridesmaid’s first initial. You could even give these in tandem with the charm bracelet. Then your best ladies will have somewhere to put their favorite new bracelet when they’re not wearing it.

Bridesmaid Gifts: Monogram Trinket Dish